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Mining Dehydration Fine Sand Recycling Machine Extractor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Brand Name: ZR
Model Number: SG
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Price Negotiable
Packaging Details: Nude Cargo/Pallet/Wooden Case/Customize
Delivery Time: 20-30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000PCS/Year
Detail Information
Type: Sand Recovery Machine Capacity: 200-220t/h
Vibration Power: 2*5.5kw Pump Power: 2*22kw
Concentrator(Diameter & Numbers): 400mm*2 Application: Mine,Railway,Chemistry,Quarry
Materials: Basalt,Granite,Quartz,Gold/Copper/Iron Ore,Ect HS Code: 84741000
High Light:

Fine Sand Extractors


Dehydration Fine Sand Recycling Machine


Triple Sand Washing Dehydration Recovery

Product Description

SG2046-2 Mining Fine Sand Extractor


Technical Parameters

Model: 2046-2

Processing capacity: 200-220t/h

Vibration power: 2*5.5kw

Pump power: 2*22kw

Concentrator: 400mm*2


Model Technical Parameters
Note: The pump is divided into the vertical pump and horizontal pump, after treatment, solid particles above 200 mesh and solid content 70%-80%.
The treatment capacity (treatability) varies according to the solid content.

Model Processing capacity
Vibration power
Pump power
Concentrator Dimensions
Theoretical weight
SG90-1 50-70 2*1.1 7.5-11 350 2840*1270*3016 1.5
SG90-2 70-100 2*1.1 15 250*2 2840*1270*3016 1.5
SG1530-2 100-150 2*3 22 300*2 3600*1980*3300 3.8
SG1530-4 180-200 2*3 18.5*2 300*4 3600*1980*3300 4
SG1842-2 180-200 2*3.7 18.5*2 400*2 4800*2274*3750 4.5
SG1842-4 200-280 2*3.7 22*2 350*4 4800*2274*3750 4.7
SG2046-2 200-220 2*5.5 22*2 400*2 4790*2522*3750 5
SG2046-4 220-320 2*5.5 22*2 350*4 4790*2522*3750 5.2
SG2246-2 220-350 2*5.5 22*2 350*4 4790*2722*3750 6
SG2246-4 250-380 2*5.5 30*2 400*4 4790*2722*3750 6.4
SG2446-2 220-350 2*5.5 22*2 350*4 4790*2922*3750 6.8
SG2446-4 250-380 2*5.5 30*2 400*4 4790*2922*3750 7


Operational Principle
A strong centrifugal force is used to separate the mixture under high-speed rotation.
The classic static hydrocyclone, for example, uses external pressure to push the feed mixture into the cyclone at a greater speed, because the mixture moves along the tangential direction of the cyclone, which causes the liquid to rotate along the wall of the cylinder. This motion is generally referred to as the outer swirl.
The particles in the external swirl are subjected to centrifugal force. If the density of the particle is greater than the density of the surrounding liquid, it will get more and more centrifugal force. Once the centrifugal force is greater than the liquid resistance caused by the movement, the particles will overcome this resistance and move in the direction of the wall of the device and separate from the surrounding liquid.
The particles near the wall of the device are driven by the liquid above the cyclone and move downward along the wall of the cyclone. The particles near the bottom flow port gather together to form a suspension with high consistency, which is discharged from the bottom flow port.
After separation, the liquid rotates downward, and after entering the cone, the inner diameter of the liquid separator decreases gradually, and the speed of the liquid rotation accelerates.
Because of the uneven distribution of pressure along the radial direction when the eddy current is generated, the smaller the axis is, the closer to the axis it approaches to zero and becomes a low-pressure region or even a vacuum region, which leads to the liquid moving towards the axis direction.
The closer to the axis, the smaller the place is.
When arriving at the axis, it approaches to zero becomes a low-pressure region or even a vacuum region, which causes the liquid to movetoward the axis.
At the same time, due to the large reduction of the bottom flow port of the cyclone separator, the liquid cannot be rapidly discharged from the bottom flow port, and the overflow port in the center of the top cover of the swirl cavity moves part of the liquid toward it because it is in the low-pressure area, thus forming an upward rotational motion and discharging from the overflow port.

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